Police Chief Consultants

Philip B. Sweeting has a distinguished law enforcement background. His care and concern for the public welfare served him well during his years as a Deputy Chief of Police and in the U.S. Navy.


Mr. Sweeting's expert opinions are based on an analysis of the evidence, applicable laws, court decisions and nationally accepted police practices. He has testified in both Federal and State Courts as a police practices expert in police shootings, use of force, Florida's Mental Health Act (Baker Act), police investigations and photo line-ups.


Mr. Sweeting's background in crime scene procedures are particularly helpful in police shootings. In one such case he examined a vehicle three years after a police shooting and recovered a round the police failed to recover and performed a trajectory analysis of the fifteen shots fired by the police.


In addition to his formal education and numerous police related training courses, Mr. Sweeting has been trained in Advanced Internal Affairs, Taser Instructor Certification and Lethal and Less Lethal Force.



Mr. Sweeting testifying where homicide victim's car was found.

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